• X-ray Tube Housing Assembly

    X-ray Tube Housing Assembly

    ◆X-ray tube assembly for all routine diagnostic examinations with conventional or digital radiographic and fluoroscopic workstations

    ◆The insert features : 16° Rhenium-Tungsten molybdenum target (RTM)

    ◆Focal spots:        Small 1.0, Large: 2.0

    ◆Maximum tube voltage : 125 kV

    ◆Accommodated with IEC60526 type high-voltage cable receptacles

    ◆High voltage generator should accord with with IEC60601-2-7

    IEC Classification (IEC 60601-1:2005):Class I ME EQUIPMENT

  • Housing for Rotating anode tubes

    Housing for Rotating anode tubes

    Product Name: X-ray tube Housing
    Main components: The product consists of tube shell, stator coil, high voltage socket, lead cylinder, sealing plate, sealing ring, ray window, expansion and contraction device, lead bowl, pressure plate, lead window, end cover, cathode bracket, thrust ring screw, etc.
    Material of housing coating: Thermosetting Powder Coatings
    Color of housing: White
    Inner wall composition:Red Insulating paint
    Color of the end cover: Silver grey