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SAILRAY MEDICAL is a professional manufacturer and supplier of x-ray tube, x-ray exposure hand switch, x-ray collimator, lead glass, high voltage cables and so on related x-ray imaging systems in China. We specialized in x-ray filed for over 15years. With the over 15 years of experience, we supply products and service to lots of countries all over the world and get very good reputation.

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Common problems and solutions for X-ray button switches

X-ray push button switches are an important part of X-ray machines, allowing healthcare professionals to control and operate the machine with precision and ease. However, like any technology, these switches are prone to certain common problems that can hinder their funct...


Exploring the Role of Rotating Anode X-ray Tubes in Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging has revolutionized the field of medicine by allowing healthcare professionals to see inside the human body without invasive surgery. One of the key components of diagnostic imaging technology is the rotating anode X-ray tube. This important device play...


The Importance of X-Ray Shielding Lead Glass in Modern Healthcare Facilities

In the field of modern medicine, technology plays a vital role in providing accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. X-ray machines are one such technology that revolutionized the field of diagnosis. X-rays can penetrate the body to capture images of internal structur...


The importance of high-voltage cable sockets in power transmission

High voltage (HV) cable sockets play a vital role in power transmission and distribution systems. These sockets are designed to safely and efficiently connect high voltage cables to a variety of electrical equipment such as transformers, switchgear and circuit breakers. ...


Improve imaging quality with our X-ray tube housing assemblies

When it comes to medical imaging, the quality and efficiency of the equipment used can greatly impact patient diagnosis and treatment. X-ray tube housing assemblies are an integral part of medical imaging equipment and play a vital role in ensuring high-quality, clear im...