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SAILRAY MEDICAL is a professional manufacturer and supplier of x-ray tube, x-ray exposure hand switch, x-ray collimator, lead glass, high voltage cables and so on related x-ray imaging systems in China. We specialized in x-ray filed for over 15years. With the over 15 years of experience, we supply products and service to lots of countries all over the world and get very good reputation.

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The Importance of High Voltage Cable Sockets in Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment

In the field of medical diagnostic X-ray equipment, each component plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and reliable imaging. The high-voltage cable socket is one such component that is often overlooked, but is critical to the functionality of the X-ray machine. This ...


The Evolution of X-Ray Push Button Switches in Modern Healthcare

X-ray technology has been a cornerstone of modern healthcare, allowing medical professionals to see inside the human body and diagnose a variety of diseases. At the heart of this technology is the X-ray push button switch, which has evolved significantly over the years t...


The importance of panoramic dental X-ray tubes in modern dentistry

In dentistry, the use of advanced technology has revolutionized the way dental professionals diagnose and treat a variety of oral health problems. One technological advancement that has had a major impact on the field is the panoramic dental X-ray tube. This innovative d...


The importance of high-voltage cable sockets in power transmission

High voltage (HV) cable sockets play a vital role in efficient and safe power transmission. These sockets are an important component in the power distribution system and allow for easy and reliable connection and disconnection of high-voltage cables. In this blog we will...


The importance of automated X-ray collimators in medical imaging

In the field of medical imaging, the use of automatic X-ray collimators plays a vital role in ensuring accurate, high-quality diagnostic images. This advanced device is designed to control the size and shape of the X-ray beam, thereby improving image clarity and reducing...